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Mrs Supraja Raghunathan

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Mrs Supraja Raghunathan holds a Master Degree in NeuroScience from University of Madras, Tamil Nadu. She started with her career in 2014 as a Data Analyst in THINQ Pharma CRO Ltd and further progressed in the organisation. She is now currently designated as an Associate Director in Corporate Quality Assurance (QA) & Technical at Moringa Frontiers Private Limited. Her responsibility as the Lead QA includes: 

a. Oversees GCP activities (including internal or external audit observations and development of adverse trends) in order to ensure patient safety and data integrity 

b. maintains a risk-based and scientific-based quality system to support Good Clinical Practice 

c. Provides operational oversight for quality business systems 

d. Ensures that a strategic audit plan is developed, designed and implemented, and that the activities are conducted and reports written according to SOPs and regulations

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Clinical Data Management Quality Assurance Quality Control Good Clinical Practice

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