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Sandhyarani Yedulapuram

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Mrs. Sandhyarani Yedulapuram is a post-graduate in Master of Science with a specialization in microbiology from Osmania University in 2009.


From 2011, She worked for Micro Labs Ltd, a generic pharmaceutical company and Kinapse (group of Syneos Health). Currently, she is working for multiple global clients as a freelancer. Highly experienced professional and have the ability to handle diverse activities of global pharmacovigilance activities and clinical affairs activities, to new levels of success and meeting business goals, in a highly competitive and fast-paced environment. Strong technical skills with an impressive track record of 11+ years of experience in strategic planning, attainment of quality and overall coordination of pharmacovigilance operations. Proficiency in Global Pharmacovigilance activities including processing & reporting of ICSRs, aggregate reports (PSURs/PRBERs/PADERs/DSURs), development of Risk Management Plans (RMPs)/Risk Evaluation & Mitigation Strategy (REMS), preparation of Safety Evaluation Reports for Signal Detection, preparation and maintenance of SDEAs (Safety Data Exchange Agreements) & PVAs (Pharmacovigilance Agreements), and preparation & maintenance of PSMF (Pharmacovigilance System Master File). 

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